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Thanks for stopping by our website! French Bulldogs are an affectionate and playful breed. Frenchies are known for their wrinkly, smushy faces and bat ears. They are great companion for single owners as well as families. They need little exercise & grooming and they love being with their people.

Frenchies are like toddlers in many ways. They are comical and have distinct personalities. They can be a tad stubborn and do well with some formal training. Most frenhcies are food motivated which is really helpful when it comes to training. They love attention and love to be doted on by their people.

They don’t require a lot of exercise but they do enjoy getting out of the house, going for car rides, walks in the neighborhood or trips to the park. Although frenchies do not swim due to their heavy bodies and short legs they do enjoy walks on the beach here in Hawaii. Life vests for your French bulldog is a must if you plan to go out on the water with your dog.

We enjoy showing our french bulldogs at AKC events here in Hawaii and occasionally participate in AKC events on the mainland.  We are members in good standing with the French Bulldog Club of America.

French Bulldogs Hawaii

We will be sharing a variety of french bulldog information and photos of our french bulldogs in Hawaii.

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Hawaii French Bulldogs

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